The NVRRWP is a collaborative partnership that includes the
Cities of Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, the Del Puerto Water District, and Stanislaus County.
City of Modesto
City of Turlock
City of Ceres
Stanislaus County
Del Puerto Water District

About the North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program

A Regional Solution for Local Water Needs

The Problem:

A combination of increased limitations on pumping from the San Joaquin-Bay Delta and the unprecedented dry conditions throughout California has resulted in a significant reduction in water available for irrigation. These factors have contributed to the fallowing of highly productive farmland and lost jobs. The continued drought is further deteriorating the farming industry and causing serious economic hardship.

The Solution:

The North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program (NVRRWP) is a solution to the region's water supply and reliability problems. The program will provide a new source of water for agricultural customers in the Del Puerto Water District (DPWD), whose supplies have been severely impacted by drought and environmental restrictions on pumping from the Delta.

The Cities of Turlock and Modesto will provide treated recycled water to the Del Puerto Water District via a direct pipeline (or pipelines) to the Delta-Mendota Canal. The District will, in turn, distribute that water to the agricultural customers within its service area. As much as 30,600 acre feet per year could be available as soon as 2018.