The NVRRWP is a collaborative partnership that includes the
Cities of Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, the Del Puerto Water District, and Stanislaus County.
City of Modesto
City of Turlock
City of Ceres
Stanislaus County
Del Puerto Water District

Benefits of the Program

North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program:

A Regional Solution for Local Water Supply

Economic Benefits:

  • The project will generate an additional $67.5 million per year to the region's economy in indirect and induced impacts
  • The NVRRWP is estimated to create approximately 572 on-going jobs (this number does not include the project-related construction jobs) to an area with a disproportionately high unemployment rate
  • The project will help reduce costs now and in the future compared to alternative water sources. Additionally, the regionís Cities, and its existing ratepayers, will be able to avoid increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for wastewater treatment and disposal into the San Joaquin River.
  • How recycled water could revolutionise sustainable development - 3/22/2017

Environmental Benefits:

  • The NVRRWP will meet the recycled water goals and mandates of the State of California and will reduce the reliance on unsustainable supplies south of the Delta and water pumped from the Delta
  • The program will eliminate the need for the Cities to discharge treated wastewater into the San Joaquin River
  • No water will go to waste as the project provides for direct delivery of recycled water 24/7, 365 days per year
  • At times when Del Puerto Water Districtís demands are minimal, specifically in the winter months, deliveries can be made to storage facilities or be stored in the San Luis Reservoir. Del Puerto Water District will then be able to draw on the stored water in times on high demand
  •  Storage facilities will also provide for and improve migratory  bird habitats