The NVRRWP is a collaborative partnership that includes the
Cities of Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, the Del Puerto Water District, and Stanislaus County.
City of Modesto
City of Turlock
City of Ceres
Stanislaus County
Del Puerto Water District

Key Dates and Funding



  • The City of Turlock upgrades its Regional Water Quality Control Facility to provide tertiary treatment and deliver up to 20 million gallons per day (MGD) (design capacity) of recycled water
    • $20 million in local funds (approximately)


  • The City of Modesto completes the Phase 1A Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Facility
    • $25.7 million in local funds
    • Treats 2.3 MGD (2,500 acre feet per year) of municipal wastewater to tertiary level and will be available for the project
  • NVRRWP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
    • The NVRRWP MOU is a major program milestone that established a collaborative partnership with the Cities of Modesto, Ceres, and Turlock, as well as Stanislaus County, and Del Puerto Water District (DPWD)


  • Phase I NVRRWP Feasibility Study completed
    • The Modesto and DPWD received authorization from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) through the Title XVI program for a grant to fund fifty percent (50%) of the Phase I Study
    • Balance funded through local funds
  • Turlock Harding Drain Bypass Pipeline Project
    • Funding of up to $20 million provided by SWRCB SRF loan funds to be repaid by local funds over 20 years
    • Construction began summer of 2012 with completion expected fall 2013
    • $1.25 million in local funds spent to date


  • Modesto Phase 2 Biological Nutrient Removal/Tertiary Treatment Project
    • Provides 12.6 MGD (14,000 acre feet per year) of recycled water
    • $128.2 million provided in State Water Resources Control Board State Revolving Fund (SWRCB SRF) loan funds to be repaid by local funds over 20 years
    • Construction began summer of 2012 with completion expected in 2016


  • Phase II NVRRWP Feasibility Study completed
    • Study refined and developed program alternatives identified in Phase I Feasibility Study, specifically:
      • River conveyance and transfer opportunities
      • Direct pipeline alignments
    • Cost-sharing agreement funded the Phase II Study
      • The City of Modesto appropriated $445,000 in local funds
      • The City of Turlock appropriated $316,000 in local funds
    • Identified most feasible funding alternatives, including federal and state grants
    • Initiated contact with key state and federal agencies regarding the feasibility of the NVRRWP



2014 - Present

  • Phase III NVRRWP Feasibility Study
    • Approved Cost-sharing Agreement with City of Modesto, City of Turlock, and Del Puerto Water District in 2014
    • Provides facility planning of the most feasible conveyance alternatives
    • Prepares Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) for the most feasible conveyance alternative
    • Continued coordination with key state and federal agencies
    • Establishes water rights and acquisition of required permits
    • Develops governance structure
    • Pursues project funding opportunities
  • Term sheet for future recycled water sales agreement
  • Applying for low interest SWRCB SRF loan funds for the project